Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

Have you ever heard the expression in business for yourself, but not by yourself?
This applies to our 3 Way Partnership.
First, initially, it’s a two-way partnership, between the Business Unit Operator and funfreefreebies, the third partner, the Affiliate, a silent one, comes into the picture a bit later.

When anyone Registers to become a Business Unit Operator. Whether they use option One and pay a monthly licensing fee and keep 100% of the revenue, or Option B, Register as a 50/50 % Partner with funfreefreebies for FREE, we are always part of an ongoing Partnership with our B.U.O’s.
This ongoing Partnership allows everyone to work together for a common goal, individual success for B.U.O. ‘s , paving the way for organizational success worldwide. This creates an environment where both parties succeed when everyone individually succeedes.

With Business Units being surrounded, literally on all sides, creating successful Business Units benefits everyone, whether it’s side by side within a shared trading area, or countrywide, creating a well-known, recognizable ” brand “benefits everyone.
Market share also matters. Being a small localized brand and serving just your community works, but what works better is being part of a wide swath of territory, crossing multiple boundaries, and having a long reach also matters, to a lot of people.

We succeed with individual successes and we succeed when the organization succedes, success for one equals success for all of us.
The third partner of the Partnership exists when an Affiliate is responsible for Registration. We expect that a large portion of Registrations will be because of the efforts of an Affiliate. Affiliates are compensated for their efforts to help build and grow the funfrefreebies organization by becoming silent partners with every Business Unit they are responsible for Registering.


Carol becomes a B.U.O. and decides to Register for FREE and becomes a 50/50 % Partner with funfreefreebies. This means that Carol and funfreefreebies will share the revenue of Carol’s Business Unit. Every month, Carol will receive 50% of the revenue from their shared Business Unit, and funfreefreebies will receive 50% ( Remember, Carol has the option to pay a monthly licensing fee and receive 100% of the revenue, that would be Carol’s choice )

This example would be if funfreefreebies was responsible for Carol’s Registration, if we were, then there would be no 3 rd Partner, an Affiliate involved in this example.

If an Affiliate was responsible for Carol’s Registration then funferrefreebies would pay that Affiliate a 25% commission for that Registration. What we are doing, funfreefreebies, is allocating 25% of its share from its revenue, to pay commissions to Affiliates to help us build and grow the funfreefreebies organization.

It’s important to recognize that new Business Unit Operators, B.U.O. ‘s ALWAYS receive a minimum of 50% of the revenue upwards to 100% of the revenue, from their own Business Unit’s. The 25% commission paid to Affiliates for their efforts, commissions always come from funfreefreebies share of their profits, never deducting from the revenue of a B.U.O.

That’s right, funfreefreebies is basically PAYING Affiliates 25% of all future revenue for Business Units, that they, the Affiliate are responsible for.

That’s how Affiliates, successful Affiliates can get into the 6 figure revenue bracket, quickly and do so as silent partners for the Registrations they are responsible for.

This is also why our Affiliate Program is the most lucrative and profitable on the Internet, bar none.

2 Active Partners, One Silent Partner

funfreefreebies and B.U.O.’s are active, hands on Partners.

Affiliates are also Partners, BUT they are passive, hands off Partners and we like to refer to them as Partners who make money while they sleep. !

Once an Affiliate has placed a banner, some links out ” there ” on the Internet, their work is done. they wait for the results to happen or not, they have a waiting game to play.
Depending on where and how many banners, links an Affiliate has out ” there ” that will determine how much traffic sees their banners, how many click throughs occur and ultimately how many Registrations and how many 25% silent Partnerships they will end up being part of.

It’s all a numbers game. The more links, banners an Affiliate has out there, the greater the chance they have of clicks throughs and then Registrations and then Partnerships and the sharing of 25% of the revenues, all for JUST doing some preliminary work at the beginning and then letting the process work for them.

A very quick note about our Sponsorship Program. The difference between an Affiliate producing a registration resulting in a 25 % commission and an existing Business Unit Operator Sponsoring someone into the organization, resulting in a registration is the fact that an existing Business Unit Operator needed a mechanism to introduce someone to the organization and be compensated for that activity.

Sponsoring someone into the organization is an active activity, done on a one to one basis, usually done by an existing B.U.O.