Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

What tools do I need to have to be successful as a Business Unit Operator, BeeOp’s, an Affiliate of funfreefreebies?

Let’s take a look

FIRST is Do you have a smartphone or laptop, or computer> YES

That’s the most important tool you will need and I am guessing 98% of the people reading this already have one of those , so you are well on your way.
If you have one of these devices, you are already connected to the Internet and that connection is sufficient to operate your BU, no additional programs will be required for your business.

Do you have the following personal skills, or do you have someone in your personal circle that does:

Of course you do!!

Past this, you are set to go.

funfreefreebies supplies BeeOP’s, Business Unit Operators with all of the start up systems, policies, procedures to get started, become successful and reach whatever personal financial goals you have for yourself.



How you manage your time, your time between what your responsibilities are now and the additional responsibilities running your BU, will again impact your profitability. You will find that this business will fit well into small chunks of time. You have time, before, after, during other activities that you do during your day, you can easily find these small chunks of time, routine activities that help move you and your BU forward.



funfreefreebies DOES NOT provide technical help or advice on issues pertaining to the operation of your wordpress site, that is solely up to the BeeOP. Familiarity with wordpress and the workings of the Internet and Social Platforms will be extremely useful to have or have access too.


Becoming a BeeOp is meant to be a simple, fun experience and we expect that almost all people who are reading this and have a sincere desire to make some money and improve their financial situation will do well with our opportunity.

Some fast Q&A’s

Q Do I have to have previous business experience?
A. No, funfreefreebies provides a comprehensive support and training program for all BeeOp’s. You need to bring to the Partnership a desire to be successful and the discipline to spend sufficient time to build, grow and develop your BU.

Q. Are there any ongoing costs associated with becoming a BeeOp?
A. No, If you decide to Register for free, you have no ongoing costs associated with your BU .

Q. Can I operate my BU from my current residence?
A. Yes, BeeOP’s can easily operate from their current residence.You never have to leave your residence for anything to do with running your BU. You never meet your Merchants and they never meet you. Running a BU is a totally online operation.

Q Do I have to live in the same location that my BU is in?
A. No. The majority or BeeOP’s will live outside of their BU.

Q Can I be both a Business Unit Operator and an Affiliate?
A. Yes, we expect that there will be a substantial number of people in the funfreefreebies organization that will be both, have their own BU as well as being an Affiliate.

Q Can one person operate more than one Business Unit?
A. Yes, we expect that a fair number of BeeOP’s will operate more than one BU.

Both Opportunities can start anywhere between $500.00 to $1,000 a month Leading, at your choice to a combined profit stream in excess of 6 figures $100,000.00 plus yearly.

The Math is Simple

funfreefreebies will comprise of 34,000 Business Unit Operators, Bee Opps worldwide. There are 161,712 people living in Barrie, Ontario
That means: Population of Barrie Ontario 161,712
Subtract Bussiness Units 34,000
Extra people !!!!!!!! 127,712
Problem solved!!

funfreefreebis is a totally online, work from home opportunity, anyone in Barrie Ontario can become an Affiliate/Business Unit Operator and operate their own Business Unit, anywhere in the world.

As our mockup of Maple Ave below, in Barrie illustrates, anyone in Barrie can have a BU anywhere in the world and their neighbors on either side of them can also have their BU/ BU’s anywhere as well.

At funfreefreebies, we do not compete with each other, EVERYONE has their own BU and everyone can have as many as they want.

That’s why on Maple Street in Barrie Ontario, you and your neighbors can stretch across the globe, and each of you can have your own BU/BU’S.

Business Unit Operators & Business Unit Locations