Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

Affilaites Become 25% Silent Partners With Business Unit Operators, How Does This Happen ?

We did mention that funfreefreebies has the BEST Affiliate Program on the Internet and this is the main reason.

Let me explain.

Regular Affiliate Programs on the Internet almost always follow this process.  you the Affiliate sends leads, prospects to the product you are representing, someone buys that product, some clothing, software, health care product, whatever, you are paid a commission and that’s the end of that transaction.
With funfreefreebies, it’s a TOTALLY different story. Very different and also very profitable for you, the Affiliate
The first part is the same, you the Affiliate send people over to us,, funfreefreebies, your prospect decides to become a Business Unit Operator, they sign up and you know start to receive monthly commissions.
There is the difference.

Monthly commissions ??   What’s that about?

First, when one of your prospects signs up to be a Business Unit Operator with funfreefreebies , that’s the START of your ongoing Partnership with funfreefreebies, the new Business Unit Operator and you the Affiliate responsible for that Business Unit Operator Registration.
I say start because as long as that Business Unit operator is in business and generating monthly revenue, you receive your 25% commission. That’s  ongoing, every month, indefinitely.
WOW, is right. You are in fact a silent 25% Partner with funfreefreebies and the new Business Unit Operator.
50% of the revenue to the Business Unit Operator25% of the revenue to funfreefreebies25% to you, the Affiliate responsible for the Registration of that new Business Unit
Example, if that Business Unit Operator stays in business for 2 years and 6 months, generates $ 10,000.00 in revenue, your the Affiliate will receive 25% of that 4 10,000.00 for a share of $ 2,500.00. There is no reason that a Business Unit Operator does not stay in business longer, and yes, when they stop being in business and stop generating revenue, your 25% stops as well.  Nothing is perfect. !

The longer ”  your ” Business Unit Operator stays in business and the more  they generate in revenue, the more you make. A win win for everyone.


Zero and zero is the short answer.
1. You have zero involvement in the Business Unit Operator,  past them Registering because  of clicking on one of YOUR banners, links.
2. You have no ongoing commitment to the Business Unit Operator.
You truly are a silent partner in that Business Unit.

Your personal Dashboard will notify you of a registration, will identify where that Registration came from, which one of your banners, links, produced the Registration.
Past this, you are out of the loop, as it should be.
You did your job, you provided the mechanism that produced a new registration, and you will be paid, ongoing, monthly 25% of the revenue from that Business Unit, indefinitely.

That’s why funfreefreebies has the absolute best Affiliate program on the Internet, bar none !!