Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

First, if you are familiar with OTHER Affiliate Programs, get set to see how funfreefreebies Affiliate Program is like no other !!

First a short primer on how regular Affiliate Programs work.

What if you could make money at any time, from anywhere — even while you sleep?

This is the concept behind affiliate marketing.


Because affiliate marketing works by spreading the responsibilities of product marketing and creation across parties, it leverages the abilities of a variety of individuals for a more effective marketing strategy while providing contributors with a share of the profit. To make this work, three different parties must be involved:

1. Product creator,
2. The affiliate, you.
3. The consumer, people visiting your website, socials

Four core players of affiliate marketing



Every time someone from an Affiliates banner, links, signs up to become a Business Unit Operator and generates any Primary revenue, that Affiliate receives, on a monthly recurring basis 25% of that Primary Business Units revenues.


The majority of affiliate programs on the Internet today deal with one offs, someone clicks through to a site, buys a product, a service, or some software, they buy it and the affiliate gets a percentage of that single, one off sale and then that is the end of that transaction.
If the affiliate in that situation wants to make any more commission from that client, that client would have to make another, new sale for that affiliate to benefit from that client.


This Example Represents One Registration Which Is One Business Unit


(For clarity and brevity we will use the figure of $ 100.00 as the Monthly Business Subscription fee and the minimum monthly customer acquisition of one new customer per month).

It takes about 30 minute to get set up and become an Affiliate.
Once the set up is up and running, banners on your website/sites social platforms, signature links, you are done.

It’s a total hands off process, get set up and forget it, literally.

If there was ever an opportunity to make money while you sleep and get on with your life, becoming an Affiliate with funfreefreebies is such an opportunity.

What makes funfreefreebies Affiliate Program the absolute most profitable on the Internet for Its Affiliates is this irrefutable single fact

” When a funfreefreebies Affiliate creates a Registration, sign up from any source they have out there, banners , links, social media, referrals, THAT single Registration will keep generating that Affiliate monthly, yearly recurring profits indefinitely “

A typical Affiliate program on the Internet will pay a commission on a sale of basically anything, any commodity, software, video game, anything, but that will create a one up and gone sale, a single sale and then that’s the end of the commissions for that sale.

WITH funfreefrrebies, Affiliates who create a Registration, are basically becoming a silent partner with that Registration, here is how that works;

1. The Affiliate, you, puts a banner on their website, Social Platforms, this is a hands off, passive activity, do it once, its there permanently

2. Someone comes onto your site, Social platform, clicks through to funfreefreebies business model site.

3. That visitor decides to Register, become a Business Unit Operator with funfreefreebies, they start their Business Unit

4. When that Business Unit Operator starts to earn revenue, the Affiliate, YOU, starts to receive your commission from that Business Unit, monthly, yearly, as long as that Business Unit remains in business and generates revenue.


You, The Affiliate earns revenue on a monthly basis, month after month, year after year, its passive, monthly recurring revenue, indefinitely.


(This example for brevity and simplicity, is based on a $ 100.00 Monthly Subscription paid per Business Unit with one new business customer generated monthly).

If you needed any more evidence why funfreefreebies Affiliate Program is the best on the Internet, here it is.

I look forward to working with you as an Affiliate of funfreefreebies. Real time December 1st 2022, Head Grunter, funfreefreebies Bryan Beckstead

Get Started Today

01 Apply online

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02 Place banners

We provide you with beautifully designed marketing materials.

03 Get paid

Receive monthly recurring revenue, indefinitely.

You The Affiliate on different social platforms

Your Familes, Friends, Associates Sites, Platforms

Example of Affiliate marketing on one social platform

Share Banner with trackable url

How many text do you send in a day?

50 / 100 texts daily

How many text do your family / freinds send in a day?


No, Anyone can be an Affiliate.

You will need a place to advertise, make your banners available to traffic. This traffic could be from a website, Social Media accounts, anywhere that people can view and click on your banners.

No, you need permission for the placement of your banners but they can be placed on anyones website, Social Platforms, anywhere where they would be visible to Internet traffic, or traffic of any kind, including print, audio, podcasts etc.

No. funfreefreebies operates and has Business Unit Operators all over the world, at this point limited to predominantly English speaking countries, soon to be translated into other languages

No. Any single Affiliate can have an unlimited number of banners spread over an unlimited number devices and Social Media platforms.

No, As long as the original Business Unit is operating and producing Primary revenue, revenue from the retail operation of the Business Unit, the Affiliate's commission will continue indefinitely

There is no involvement of any kind for the Affiliate to be part of, past the Registration process. Being an Affiliate is a total hands off process.

The Registration process involves a new Business Unit Operator setting up and creating Primary revenue from their Business Unit. Once this revenue is generated, on a monthly basis the Affiliate commission of 25% will be paid to the Affiliate on the 15t of the preceding month.

There are zero costs associated with being a funfreefreebies Affiliate. It's totally free to sign up and there are no costs payable to funfreefreebies to continue to be an Affiliate.

You have total freedom. You can decide where, when, how often, what tools you use. Affiliates have total freedom in regards to how much effort they put into being an Affiliate.

No, there is no contract to sign and an Affiliate can start and quit at any time. Your credit card information is never requested or needed.

NOTE: Affiliates are free to use whatever methods they choose to advertise that they are an Affiliate of funfreefreebies. Once someone Registers to be an Affiliate they have access to banners from funfreefreebies that are embedded with a code that identifies that individual as an Affiliate and this code is what funfreefreebies uses to track, identify and pay Affiliates commission on the Business Unit Registrations that come from a specific Affiliate.

It is imperative that if an Affiliate uses banners OTHER than ones supplied from
funfreefreebies, that these banners, links, have that tracking code embedded in them to ensure credit is given to those Affiliates who created the Registrations.