Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

What's a Facefund business unit

It’s funfreefreebies hybrid combination of a

GO FunD ME site You are asking people to help out, donate

and a FACEBOOK account You tell people, who you are, what your life is about

It’s a personalized, individual Business Unit that focuses on self funding, self sponsoring.

The FACE part of a FACEFUND Business Unit

It’s a combination between YOUR existing Facebook page, where you open up to the people you want to, allow them a glimpse of your life. You want people to know who is operating the funfreefreebies Business Unit that will be offering our services and products within THEIR Community.
It’s your call, who you want to have access to and your life on your Facebook page, same goes with your FACEFUND Business Unit. You will probably want to give access to the people on your Facebook page, access to your FACEFUND page, but that’s your call.You may want to say to YOUR COMMUNITY on Facebook and your other s Social Network Platforms what you are doing in this part of your life.
As for your NEW Community in your FACEFUND Business Unit, what you share is your call, it’s up to you to share, as is your option with Facebook, some people get to share, others not.

The FUND part of a FACEFUND Business Unit

We all know the valuable service Go Fund Me provides, with our FINDFACE Business Unit, we reverse that process, instead of people donating to a charity, a worthwhile cause, businesses in your Business Unit, can take advantage of the services and products YOU provide, knowing who you are and knowing that the Monthly Subscription fees they pay to you, they now know who gets the money and where it will be going.
The purpose of a FACEFUND BUSINESS UNIT is to provide the same Products and services to a local market, trading area, Business Unit and also to identify who is operating, the business Unit and where the profits are going.
It’s a win-win for everyone involved, the Business Unit Operator can be proactive in providing funds for their future growth and goals and at the same time, local businesses can contribute to that Business Unit’s success.

1. Single Business Unit Operator

Joanne, Ben, Emily and Thomas
Welcome to Orillia

2. Charity- Non Profit Business Unit Operator

Street Cats Rescue
Welcome to Barrie

3. Business Unit Operator Sports Organization

Innisfil Snowdogs
Welcome to Innisfill

4. Single Business Unit Operator - Fundraiser

Rebecca Sawyer- Olympic Hockey
Welcome to Angus

5. Single Business Unit Operator Non Profit

Wyndham House
Welcome to Guelph

6. Single Business Unit Operator, Non Profit

Barrie Foodbank
Welcome to Barrie