Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

One of the cornerstones of the funfreefreebies concept is that we build and grow by creating Partnerships with individuals, couples and families, that build exclusive protected Business Units.
Each Business Unit has 2 criteria,
1. One Partnership per Business Unit, there will never be several separate Business Unit Partnerships, competing to build and grow in any one area.
2. Each individual Business Unit has a dedicated website for that particular Business Unit. Again, one dedicated website per Business Unit.


Orillia is a small town of 35,000 population just North of our first Hub Support City, Barrie Ontario.
Orillia will be a single Business Unit, with one Operator and there will be only one website that says
Welcome to Orillia. When community members in Orillia do any searches for funfreefreebies or any of our 7 Products, or any of our subscribing Monthly Business Merchants, the only results that will show up will be for the Welcome to Orillia website, under the brand funfreefreebies/ Orillia.
There will be other funfreefreebies Business Units surrounding Orillia, but they will be separate Business Units operating under their own Welcome to designations.


Welcome to Gravenhurst
Welcome to Bracebridge
Welcome to Barrie
Welcome to Innisfil
Surrounding Business Units will be a plus for already operating Business Units, they add to the brand and complement each other, surrounding Business Units do not compete with other Business Units, they complement and enhance each other.
YES, One person can operate several Business Units. Based on where you live, what are your personal goals, who you may have working with you, one individual can easily be the Business Unit operator for multiple Business Units.

This can take different forms.

1. Based on smaller populations a single person can have 3-4 Business Units that are in different areas and not in proximity to each other. funfreefreebies is a business that is online and regardless of where you live, your Business Unit/ Units can be anywhere in the world.
2. Based on population, one person can have several business Units that are all situated within the same City, Town.


Using our first Hub Support City, Barrie, Ontario, Canada as an example, the population of 160,000, which it was spread out over a larger area, into smaller towns, would be 4 – 7 20,000, . 30,000 population Business Units, which would be 4 to 7 single individual Business Unit Operators. There would also be a corresponding 4-7 individual Welcome to websites.
For our example, there will only be one Business Unit operator for all of Barrie.
This single person would Operate the entire City and would have, as an example 4 websites:
Welcome to Barrie North
Welcome to Barrie South
Welcome to Barrie West
Welcome to Barrie East

This single Business Unit Operator would build and develop their business and would load up and create 4 websites, all dedicated to the entire City of Barrie and at the same time, treat the City as if it was 4 separate Business Units.

Check out this page for more info on this exact breakdown.

Your decision to add on multiple Business Units can be made at any time. Your decision to add on additional Business Units should be made when it makes sense for you and your circumstances. The same decision regarding perhaps going full-time with funfreefreebies should also be made, when it works best for you.

Takeaway from here.

funfreefreebies is not your average online business. The norm is basically, to let people come on board and let them, the same people in the organization duke it out among themselves.
A bit like the survival of the fittest!!

We prefer our approach. People come on board, they get to pick and choose what type of business they want, the size, the scope, the time requirements, and how much time they invest, part-time, full-time, people coming on board with us have a ton of control over their future.
To a great extent you get to customize your Business Unit and your business opportunity with funfreefreebies.

I think that’s the way it should be.