Charities, Non Profits, Fundraisers, 3 Profit Streams, Which One Best Suits You and Your Organization ?

funfreefreebies offers an unique way to generate revenue for your organization, with zero risk , zero start up costs and ZERO costs now in the future and long term.
The dream of every organization that is in need of funds to operate, is a passive, on going cost free, revenue stream, back to your organization.
funfreefreebies has  have that solution for you, finally.
I hope you have taken a few moments to review our site and now  know who we are, what we do and why it works. This is a quick summary,

3 Options for Charities, Non Profits,  Organizations, Groups, Clubs,  in need of a regular stream of revenue to function.
 Option 1.
 Your group becomes a Business Unit Operator and works with the volunteers in your organization to run your Business Unit.Your organization keeps all of the revenue generated and it is paid to you on a monthly basis. Your revenue sharing is Option 1,  retaining all of the profits, paying a small licensing fee, or Option 2,  retaining 50% of the revenue and paying no registration fee and having zero outlay ,
 Joining for FREE.
As the Business Unit Operators, you have the option to keep your ownership private and do what you want with the revenue or publically identify that your organization as  operating the Business Unit and will be  donating all or a portion of the revenue back to your organization. This would be your choice.
 Option 2
 One, or a group of your volunteers, become the Business Unit Operators of their own Business Unit and  share  a portion of their revenue to  their , your organization, on either Option 1, paying a small licensing fee and retaining 100 m% of their revenue or Option 2 Joining for FREE  and sharing the revenue with funfreefreebies on a 50/50 Partnership basis.
Option 3.
Your group, organization, partners  with an  existing Business Unit and identifies with that existing Business Unit as supporting your organization and they will be donating, making a monthly contribution to you, clearly stated on their Business Unit website.
 In the majority of cases you will not be operating your Business Unit in the City that you live in. All of the activities to run, operate and have a successful Business Unit are performed on line, you operate your Business Unit from your home. you never need to see, or interact personally with either the people who come to your web site or the business owners who become your Merchants, customers.
 With this in mind, your Business Unit can be in the next city to where you live, or 3, 000 miles across the Country you live in.  This fact makes it convenient and possible that multiple people in your group, organization, and charity can have their own Business Unit supporting your cause and their  Business Units can be spread all over a wide geographical area, but your people can all live in the same City.
 Your organization is a Women’s Soccer team in Barrie Ontario. (  Coincidentally our first Hub Support City *  )  Your team decides to operate a number of Business Units as a way to create passive, monthly recurring revenue for your team on a monthly basis. Since running a Business Unit is part time, easily run in conjunction with an ongoing schedule of events, school, family, etc, you team up a volunteer with a team member, for each Business Unit.
 As an example,
 You have 4 two person teams, each operating and running their own Business Unit. Again as an example, your  first 2 person  team their Business Unit is in St Thomas Ontario, the second 2 person  team their Business Unit is in Sackville New Brunswick, the third 2 person  team,  their Business Unit is in Cranbrook BC and the last  2 person teams Business Unit is in Crawford Texas .
 Everyone lives in Barrie Ontario, but their Business Units are spread over a wide area. They all are supporting their team, Women’s Soccer in Barrie, but doing business elsewhere. One of the advantages  of working within the funfreefreebies organization and the power of the Internet.