Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

Come Join Us -Our Sponsorship Program

Business Opportunities work best when both parties gain financially from their shared involvement.

Good news, funfreefreebies is looking to expand and this creates a win-win opportunity for you.
One of the methods we do this is through our Sponsorship Program,
It’s a simple program, one that requires as little  effort on your part to put us in front of your group, organization, and membership and then step back and let us do the rest.
You probably have a business, a list of potential people who may want to get into business for themselves or you have a membership of people that would appreciate hearing about our business opportunity from you, someone they respect and someone that they listen too.
Instead or repeating everything we have on pour business model, business opportunity site, perhaps you could take a quick look and find out about funfreefreebies,
Bottom line for you is this, we need to be in front of potential people, people who are looking to start a business for themselves, people that you have access to, they are already there, we just need to get in front of them.
That’s all you really need to do, put us in front of YOUR people, and we do the rest.
We set them up, provide the training, support, we provide them with their own website, they join our organization for FREE,  and you earn upwards of 40% of the revenue form each and every person that signs up, from your list, your efforts.
Let’s be clear, the people who join our organization share in 50% or more of the profits from their Business Unit, the profit sharing that we are offering you comes from funfreefreebies, profits, not from the people who join us, their money is just that, theirs.
The cost of getting Registrations for our business, any  business is expensive, funfreefreebies is happy to allocate upwards of 40%  of our potential profit stream, for  new people who join our organization and help us get established and grow.
 It’s a simple cost of doing business.
Why I believe you will want to work with us is this simple fact. You have already done the hard work to acquire your list, organization, membership, now with our Sponsorship Program you have a simple, easy and highly profitable way to maximize that hard work, do the work once, maximize that work, potentially, long into the future.
Every Registration that comes from you simply putting us in front of your people, will create a monthly, recurring profit stream of upwards of 40% of EVERY registration, for every month, month in and month out, year in and year out, as long as that Business Unit Operator is part of the funfreefreebies organization.
WHY ??
Why give up 40% of the profits from Business Units to you ?
Simple, a piece of an ever increasing pie in total profits benefits all of us.
Funfreefreebies profits decrease from 50% to less than half of that, BUT, the pie gets proportionally larger, so our share even though is small in size , is larger in total.
You would be responsible for that ever increasing pie size, , so again, we are very happy to share our profits with those that are helping us increase our pie share !
Come Join Us !!