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Tired of the Insanity of Your Current Fundraising Non Stop Activities?

If you and your organization, group, team, charity, non profit are tired of the following:

  • Always having to raise money, non stop
  • Always having to go, cap in hand for funds
  • Always having to sell something, anything, to raise funds
  • Always having to come up with a new way to ask for money
  • Always spending a lot of time and effort, with little or no results to show for it
  • Always brining in a dollar in revenue and end up with just pennies on the dollar for your hard work
  • Always finishing up one campaign only to have to start the cycle all over again
  • Always having to call on the same volunteers, time and time again

We have a solution that will make sense for both of us!

Notes: The term of insanity in referencing your current efforts to raise funds for your organization, what ever it is, is not meant as a knock against you or your efforts, more of a tongue in cheek reference to how difficult it is to raise funds now, in our curent economic downturn, pandemic, world, its tough on all of us, we are here to help, not knock you, hopefully we can both get on the same team, yours and make this happen for you .

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Who we are

Funfreefreebies working with local Business Unit Operator creating destination websites, offering local Deals, Specials, Freebies, Coupons, BYGO and Flyers that are sought after by local community members

What we do

Funfreefreebies brings local people and their community business together in a mutually rewarding, fun environement within our Business Units

How you make money

You make money when local business pay you a monthly subscription fee to be featured on your website and gain access to your traffic/visitors. This is the opportunity that is available to you, your organization.

Why it works


You save your local community members money


Build an exclusive dedicated website for community members to visit


Local business prosper, your community members save money, a win-win for everyone


  • Step One

    We build a dedicated website in your community (Business Unit)

  • Step Two

    You post Specials, Deals, Freebies, BYGO, Gift Cards, Flyers and Promotions offered by local businesses exclusively for your community

  • Step Three

    The people in your community visit your website to take advantage of the money saving offers exclusively for them, support local and shop local

  • Step Four

    Local businesses see the value of being featured on your website and gaining access to your traffic/visitors

  • Step Five

    You make money when local businesses pay you monthly subscription fee to be featured on your website and gain access to your traffic/visitors

If you volunteer at any of these organizations, nonprofits, charities:

Sports Teams,Arts Councils, Baseball Teams, M, F, Animal Shelters, Rotary Clubs, Big Brothers, Cultural Centres, Marching Bands, Shriners, Co Operatives, Foodbanks, Religious Affiliations, Kiwanis Clubs, Hero Work, Civitan Clubs, Homeless Shelters, Kinsmens, Animal Rescues, Zoomers Civic Groups, Amateur Sports, Social Welfare Groups, Zoos, Inn From The Cold, Agricultural Groups, Hockey Teams, M,F, Lions Club, David Suzuki Foundation, Oddfellows, Veterans Lodges, Bruce Trail League, Knights Of Columbus, Toastmasters, Welfare Organizations, Big Sisters, Food Banks, Museums, M.A.D.D. , Social Advocacy Groups, Football Teams, M,F, Animal Rights, Kinnettes, UNICEF, Youth Shelters, Doctors Without Borders, World Wildlife Fund

The list is endless, as the need is, the need never ends nor does the endless, non relenting Fundraising.
That can all end, the endless Fundraising, with cap in hand, totally, partially, it’s up to you. You, your organization, club, team, charity, non profit already has volunterss, who spend their time, energy resources to raise funds for their organization. Correct ?

How about harnessing some of that existing effort, become a Business Unit Operator with Funfreefreebies and earn between 50% up wards to 95% of the profits generated?

Your Organization Never Has to Do the Following:

  • Sell anything
  • Buy any products to resell
  • Invest in any inventory, equipment
  • Hold sales events, car washes, raffles, ect, external sales events of any kind
  • Recruit any other people to perform any services for you
  • Involve any of your freinds or supporters and ask for money, donations or to buy anything
  • Invest your money to hopefully make any money in return
  • Actually leave your house, actvities all on line, operate from your couch or kitchen table
  • Continually come up with new ways to make money

Our Mission is About

We showcase our cats/kittens for adoption at the north end of Pet smart,

544 Bayfield St. Barrie (Bayfield location) full time as well as at Pet Value,
555 Essa Rd, Barrie.

Additional information Registered Charity # 842241341 RR 0001

All of our volunteers and supporters provide their time and effort free, to allow us to provide 100% of the funds we receive, (a minimum of 50% of the total revenue generated on this site) to go directly to supporting Street Cats Rescue,

Street Cats Rescues is proud to join with Funfreefreebies to provide the residents of Barrie, with the best Freebies, Deals, Specials, Flyers, Gift Cards and Promotions, all local, just for Barrie Shop Local – Support Local – Barrie Prospers.

Street Cats Rescue volunteers and supporters supply, their time, effort and involvement for free to create and make our website a place where the Barrie Community can save money, and support local businesses at the same time. It’s a win-win for everyone, the Barrie Community, local Barrie businesses and Street Cat Rescue

We generate revenue when local business owners in Barrie, become Monthly Subscribers promoting their Freebies, Offers, Specials, BYGO, Coupons, Flyers and Promotions exclusively for the Barrie Community.

This creates a win-win for everyone, our local businesses can promote their business, locally to their community in Barrie and at the same time, they can support Street Cat Rescue, by knowing at least 50% of their Monthly Subscription fees go directly to support Street Cat Rescue.
We will proudly list our monthly local businesses who become Monthly Subscribers and the dollars that will be used directly to support Street Cat Rescue.
Monthly clear transparency.

Any questions, contact us directly here.

Cats AVAILABLE FOr Adoption

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Cats Adopted

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Cookies by Design is hosting Matt & Tara’s Great Crate Escape Fundraiser tomorrow, Saturday, Sept 10. This wonderful little business has a great assortment of cupcakes & cookies available. But they’ve also made a special kitty one for tomorrow. And all proceeds from the sale of the “Kitty Cat” Cookie will be donated to Street Cats. How amazing is that ! Get them while they last!
Cookies by Design is located in Park Place (behind Homesense).
Hope to see you there!

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The dream of every organization that is in need of funds to operate, is a passive, on going cost free, revenue stream, back to your organization.

Funfreefreebies has that solution
for you, finally.

I hope you have taken a few moments to review our site and now know who we are, what we do and why it works.

I hope you have taken a few moments to review our site and now know who we are, what we do and why it works. Check out the quick summary

3 Options for Charities, Non Profits, Organizations, Groups, Clubs, in need of a regular stream of revenue to function.

Option 1

Your group becomes a Business Unit Operator and works with the volunteers in your organization to run your Business Unit. Your organization keeps all of the revenue generated and it is paid to you on a monthly basis. Your revenue sharing is Option 1, retaining all of the profits, paying a small licensing fee, or Option 2, retaining 50% of the revenue and paying no registration fee and having zero outlay.

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Option 2

One, or a group of your volunteers, become the Business Unit Operators of their own Business Unit and share a portion of their revenue with their, your organization, on either Option 1, paying a small licensing fee and retaining 100% of their revenue or Option 2 Joining for FREE and sharing the revenue with funfreefreebies on a 50/50 Partnership basis.

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Option 3

Your group, or organization, partners with an existing Business Unit and identifies with that existing Business Unit as supporting your organization and they will be donating and making a monthly contribution to you, clearly stated on their Business Unit website.

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2 Revenue Sharing Options

Option 1

Pay a small monthly licensing fee and retain 100% of all of the revenue from your own Business Unit.

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Option 2

Pay no licensing fee and split the revenue from the Business Unit with funfreefreebies on a 50/ 50 basis.

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As the Business Unit Operators, you have the option to keep your ownership private and do what you want with the revenue or publically identify that your organization as operating the Business Unit and will be donating all or a portion of the revenue back to your organization. This would be your choice.

Have a question?

Give us a call at 226-664-1513 land line, 24/7 live call.