Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)


Ontario, Canada

Funfreefreebies First Hub Support City

Barrie Ontario Canada was picked to be our first Hub Support City for these reasons
From our first Hub Support City funfreefreebies is looking for 20-50 to a 100 or more Business Unit Operators, all residents of Barrie stretching across the Province of Ontario

Being a Business Unit Operator allows you to run your part time business entirely from your home, you never have to leave the comfort of your kitchen table! Running your own funfreefreebies Business Unit is entirely on line, you never meet your Merchants, customers and they never meet you, its entirely run online, through the Internet.

Barrie Ontario, Canada- Funfreefreebies First Hub Support City

20-50 – 100 or More Residents of Barrie will be Business Unit Operators Stretching across Ontario

What is the purpose of a Hub Support City?

To work hands on, in person, with as many Business Unit Operators as possible, providing these services
The benefit is that anyone in Barrie Ontario, our first Support Hub City, any resident from Barrie Ontario can operate their own Business Unit, any where in Onatrio, across Canada, yes, across the world. It is because of this flexibility and the ability of anyone in Barrie, Ontartio to operate their own part time business from their home in Barrie, that will enable us, funfreefreebies to work with 20- 50 to 100 or more Barrie residents to be part of the rapidly growing funfreefreebies organiztion.

What’s good for each individual Business Unit Operator, BUO’s benefits the whole organization across Barrie, across Ontario and around the world.

Business Units Operated By Residents in Barrie Ontario,
Will Stretch Across Canada, Across the World

20-50- 100 Plus Residents Of funfreefreebies First Hub Support City Barrie Ontario Canada Will Be
Business Unit Operators Across the World
Barrie, Ontario Canada will be funfreefreebies first Hub Support City. This concept will be replicated throughout the funfreefreebies organization. As we expand and open up more and more Business Unit’s, we will be creating new Hub Support Cities. 
Both Opportunities can start anywhere between $500.00 to $1,000 a month Leading, at your choice to a combined profit stream in excess of 6 figures $100,000.00 plus yearly.

The Math is Simple

funfreefreebies will comprise of 34,000 Business Unit Operators, Bee Opps worldwide. There are 161,712 people living in Barrie, Ontario
That means: Population of Barrie Ontario 161,712
Subtract Bussiness Units 34,000
Extra people !!!!!!!! 127,712
Problem solved!!

funfreefreebis is a totally online, work from home opportunity, anyone in Barrie Ontario can become an Affiliate/Business Unit Operator and operate their own Business Unit, anywhere in the world.

As our mockup of Maple Ave below, in Barrie illustrates, anyone in Barrie can have a BU anywhere in the world and their neighbors on either side of them can also have their BU/ BU’s anywhere as well.

At funfreefreebies, we do not compete with each other, EVERYONE has their own BU and everyone can have as many as they want.

That’s why on Maple Street in Barrie Ontario, you and your neighbors can stretch across the globe, and each of you can have your own BU/BU’S.

Business Unit Operators & Business Unit Locations