Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

Funfreefreebies Sponsorship Program, Double Your Profits

As previously stated, the purpose of our Sponsorship Program is to help expand the reach and size of the funfreefreebies organization. This new exciting addition to our program, will help a lot of people make more profits, from the same  amount of work.
FIRST ;  When you sign up to be a Business Unit Operator, for FREE,, will receive 50% of the profits from your Business Unit.
How About you have one of the following ;
a family member, father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, partner,  cousin, Aunt, Uncle, a friend, a co worker, a Charity you support, a Church member,  someone you know that could use some extra cash and would like to have their own business.
If anyone of these people Registers for FREE and becomes a Business Unit Operator you INSTANTLY, now receive not 50 % of the profits from your existing Business Unit, but funfreefreebies will award you 25 % of their profits for a total of 75 %, to you.
YOU also share in the profits of the Sponsoring Business Unit, the person that signed on for FREE and has their own Business Unit. Again, funfreefreebies will award you 25 5 of their profits from the new business Unit, the one your Sponsored into the organization.
The math works out this way.
1. You know have TWO profit streams of 50%
2. You have your original 50% profit stream from your original Business Unit, PLUS you have an additional 25 % profit stream from your original Business Unit, that comes from funfreefreebies 50%, which is now reduced to 25% AND you have another 25% profit stream from the  new Business Unit that you sponsored , again this additional profit stream of 25 %  comes from funfreefreebies 50% profits which is now reduced to 25 %.
The Results Are,
Sponsor just one new Business Unit Operator and you INSTANTLY increase your profit stream from a single 50% to two additional profit streams of 25 % from your original Business Unit and an additional 25 % from the Business Unit you just Sponsored, for an additional 50% profit stream, without increasing your workload.
The Potential
Regardless of where you are in the world when you read this, the potential is world wide. funfreefreebies  a worldwide organization. We originated in Barrie Ontario Canada, but our reach, depending on when you are reading this, is already into multiple Countries.
It’s safe to say, at this time, there are approximately 34,000 potential Business Units and counting. As we expand and get translated into other languages, other than English, that potential number of Business Units will double and more.
Each future Business Unit has 25 % or more of that Business Units profits, available to become an additional profit stream for any existing Business Unit operators, anyone that sponsors that Business Unit into the organization.
That’s a LOT of potential 25 % profit streams available to anyone that wants to pick them up and add them to their potential profits.