How Much Will I/ Can I Make In a Partnership with funfreefreebies ? Part One

This is really the crucial question isn’t it?
We have all seen the ads, seen the promotions, the claims, make thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars, effortlessly, actually never working, in a matter of weeks if not sooner. Sound familiar ?  big houses, fancy cars, big yetch’s, vacations, all with profits from your business, that you can start today and enjoy this lifestyle, by the end of the month, if not sooner !!
The bad news, that’s not possible, especially with us here. That’s the bad news, I guess. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme, not even close. If you are prepared to actually build and grow a business, you can achieve profits according to the time, effort and work you put into your Business Unit.

How much money can  you, will you make is going to be a huge deciding factor on whether you decide to join and start a Partnership with us, funfreefreebies.
That’s two questions, let’s answer the easy one first.
How much money will you make is the easy one. I have no idea how much money YOU will make, I can’t predict the future nor can I predict how much effort,  time and work you will put into your Partnership, so that is an open ended question.
I will stand by what we call our Gold Standard , 12 For 12, that if you follow our program, put in a reasonable amount of time and effort you will achieve profits of between $ 500.00 to  $  1,000.00 in monthly recurring profits  within your first year with funfreefreebies as a minimum.
If these profits  make sense for you and will help you to  reach , start to reach your financial goals, then we have you covered.
Regardless of how many business Units we have stretched across the world, 0ver 98% of the Business Units will be in this profit percentile, by choice.
Everyone, every Business Unit Operator has the choice to earn whatever profits they want. Our opportunity allows everyone to pick and choose the size of their Business Unit, and by making this choice everyone can then decitiate what their monthly profits will be.
Your profit potential, results, your choice .
This question is a little harder to answer.  The group of people in this group will represent about 2 % of the Business Units in the organization and these people, by their own choice, will make up the people who will in fact get rich.
It’s perfectly legitimate, fair and and will become reality that Business Units within the funfreefreebies organization make 6 and even 7 digit profits. It will happen, assuradley as people will achieve the Gold Standard of 12 For 12 by the thousands, people will also achieve 6 and 7 figure  yearly profits.
The difference between this claim and the get rich quick schemes is the following;
* Get rich quick schemes always say EVERYONE can make millions, which is patently untrue
* they also say, you can make millions with zero or almost o work, also, untrue
* they also never say, what the path to millions is, how to make millions, with no effort !
With funfreefreebies, we clearly and unequivocally state that 6  and 7 figure profits will be achieved by a very small percentage of Business Units  ( less than 2% ) and we also clearly show how this happened, what time, effort and work is required.
funfreefreebies provides an opportunity for anyone to achieve their financial goals, whatever they may be.
It’s important to to recognize that everyone has an opportunity to be in the 98% of business Unit operators that make $ 500.00 to $ 1,000  month, upwards to $ 2,000.00 to $ 3,000.00 a month range and then to be in the group, the less than 2 % that will make 6 figures or even into 7 figures.
Regardless of where you see yourself, our goal here is to help you reach your  personal financial goals.