Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

Invest Your Time Once, Reap The Rewards Forever ( Even While You Sleep :)

I am not a fan of cheesy, phony, what appears to be false or misleading claims, we have seen far too many of these claims and ads BUT, when it’s true, I jump in and am proud of our claims and our ability to back them up with facts.

Invest Your Time Once, Reap The Rewards Forever (  Even While You Sleep 😉

Big claim and it’s true.
Let’s take a closer look and break it down.
Invest your time once.
 This is in reference to an Affiliate spending, investing their time once, establishing, placing their banners and links on various sites, platforms sites and then their work is done.
This is not a process that requires, upkeep, maintenance, repeated process, if the banner is there and the site host leaves it there, which in almost all cases will be what happens, that banner link is there indefinitely.
Put up 50 banners at the beginning of the year, there is a great chance that at the end of the year, most if not all of them will still be there.  That’s built in advantage of affiliate marketing, work once, get the banners set up, sit back and let the results, commissions come, hopefully roll in.
An additional advantage of Affiliate Marketing is you are piggy backing on activities you are already doing. Your Social Platform activites you are doing already, all you are doing once you become an Affiliate is adding your banners, links, to sites, activities you would have done anyways.
In this aspect, it’s not really investing your time, it’s more accurately, reaping the benefits of existing activities, which is a huge difference.
Reap the Rewards Forever
Let’s clarify the term  ‘ forever ” . Nothing is forever,but in our example, your efforts and activities will derive results that are meant to be long term, not temporary. When you place a banner, it’s meant to be there for a long time, perhaps months and months, years, who knows, once placed they are not meant or need to be taken down or replaced.
 The placement of banners and links are a one time process, meant to last indefinitely, allowing you to increase your chances of Registrations the longer they remain in place. That makes sense.
There is another aspect of becoming an Affiliate of funfreefreebies that lasts  ” forever ” indefinitely is sharing in the revenue of each and every Registration that you are responsible for. When that Registration starts to generate revenue, you as the Affiliate responsible for that Registration, will receive 25% of the revenue form that Business Unit, month after month, hopefully year after year, indefinitely.
With zero cost to you, the Affiliate, you have the opportunity to share in the growth and expansion of funfreefreebies.
I am not a mind reader and can not predict the future, what I can do is work with every Business Unit Operator , world wide in creating profitable and sustainable Business Units.
* Normal, regular Affiliates are one off sales, make a sale, get you commision, move on, its over
* With funfreefreebies, Affiliates are actually hands off, silent partners in all of the Registrations they make, the Registrations that come from their efforts, their banner and links
* Once a registration takes place and once that Business Units starts to generate revenue, the Affiliate shares in that success, to the tune of 25%  commision, of monthly recurring revenue, month after month, year after year, indefinitely.
The question is, if you are not an Affiliate, what are you waiting for ?