Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

Lets Get Started. Vol 1, Take Ownership- Customers

Lots to do, where to start ?  The good news is, we have a plan, one that we have used over and over again, on the projects and busineese we have been involved with over the years, all with great sucesss. We have a plan, one that we will be providing you as we get started as we move forward and as we start to see some success, lots of success. Its up to you to implement our plan, use your skills, your desire to be successful and together, this is going to work !!

The sort of bad news is, getting started is a process that really never ends. Which means, there is always  lots to do and the to do list, never really ends. Regardless of how much we do, accomplish, there will always  be more to do, more to accomplish. I know over time, you will realize this really is a good position to be in.

Your Business Unit is going to take on your personality, who you are are, how you want to treat your customers( the people in your community, your Business Unit ) how you deal with your merchants ( the businesses in your Business Unit that become paying monthly subscribers) . Over time, you will stamp your Business Unit with who you are, how you want your BU to be perceived by the community members  and the businesses inside your BU.

Take Ownership,  Customers

This is your BU and the people inside your BU are YOUR customers, potential customers, ALL of them. The way you are going to be successful will depend on how well you look after your customers.

How do you do that ?   Simple, provide them with what they are looking for, want, like, appreciate and then keep giving them what they want, pretty simply really.

funfreefreebies, our goal, your goal is to be the go to destination website in your community for the best deals, freebies, specials, discounts in your community( referred to as our products ) . The beter we do that, the more successful you, we will be. Successful businesses are ones that provide value to their customers. price is what people pay, value is what they receive. The more value you can provide your customers, the more they will frequent your website, the more traffic, the more visits, the more value they are receiving. A win win for everyone.

Size does matter. The more individual Products you have, the more reasons you are giving people to frequent your website and the more money they will be saving. In the end, its all about saving people money in your community, BU. Its a numbers game. You have a BU of 20,000 people, there are at least  2,000 local businesses, we have initially 7 Product catagories, that gives you the potential of having 14,000 individual Product offers, ways that your 20,000 potential customers can save money.

Are you seeing the potential now ? Remember, this is just the start !!