Our Honeymoon is 90 Days, Can You Hang In That Long ? Part One

Sort of a strange title so I will get right to the point !!

I need people, like you, new Business Unit Operators, BeeOpps, to hang in there for about the first 90 days, to allow the program to work for you, to allow you to get the word out to both the community members in your Business Unit, BU and to most importantly, let the business community know who you are.
That’s what I call our 90 day Honeymoon period, got it !!
1. There isn’t a business out there that you open up for business, hang your sign out and the money starts rolling in.  the time from when you start to think about the business and you are actually ready to open your doors, can vary, depending on the business.
2. In our circumstances, getting ready to open your doors involves a lot of initial activity. We have a lot of material on this Blog, what to do, when to do it, lots of information about what you should, what you need to do to get ready for those first community members to visit and your first local business owner that becomes your Merchants, monthly paying subscribers.
3. The purpose of this post is not to go through the initial activities that you are going to want to do, but to just start the conversation about what is entailed in starting to open up your BU and to start the process to get ready for ” opening day “.
I have referenced this Kevin Costner film, ( with the late Ray Loita :), if you are unfamiliar, check it, it’s a great film and it will make more sense if you have some knowledge about the film,
Now back to how this applies to us and funfreefreebies.
If we were opening up a retail store, a grocery store as an example, we would rent the space, the store and then we would stock the shelves, in anticipation of opening day.
That’s exactly  what we do when we start to ” load up “
our Welcome to..( your BU Name here ) ……….. websites.
This is a process that you can start immediately, even before your actual website is delivered to you.
We have 7 Products, see here, https://funfreefreebies.com/orillia/, loading up your Welcome To site is filling in the 7 product categories with actual offers from your specific Business Unit BU.
Example    Your BU is Barrie Ontario, our first Support Hub City, the BeeOpp for Barrie will start by doing the following
Option One  Put generic Products in each category, in the  Freebie category, just put anyone’s existing freebies, as an example of what will be available in the future
Option Two   Do a mock-up, an example of what a Freebie could be for an existing business in your BU. This is a great way to show existing businesses what they expect from funfreefreebie and introduce you to perspective Merchants.
Loading up your Welcome To….. site is an ongoing process, it really never ends. Look at this activity as simply loading up the shelves of your grocery store in anticipation of opening.
Another way to look at it, is what would you think if you went into a store that was supposed to be open for business and the shelves were bare and had no product on them?

Not too inviting, right?

Loading up your Welcome To…………. site is part of our 90 day Honeymoon, don’t waste this Honeymoon period, it does not last long !!