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How To Join Funfreefreebies Two Ways
One Is Totally Free

Funfreefreebies provides the following

  • Brand development
  • Overal business growth plan
  • Strategic time management
  • Business structure and model
  • Dedicated personal website
  • Web hosting

What you provide

  • hands on time and effort to fill in your own dedicated website
  • the time to operate and promote your own dedicated website
  • help and assistance about Social Media, Social Platforms
  • a mobile device to operate and manage your own dedicated website
  • a working knowledge of wordpress to maintain your website

How To Join Us
Best of Both Worlds

Option A

Join Funfreefreebies as a

Business Unit Operator

Pay a small monthly Licensing Fee

Receive 100% of the profits from your Exclusive Business Units

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Option B

Join Funfreefreebies as a

50/50 partner It’s Totally Free

Receive 50% of the profits from your Joint Partnership with Funfreefreebies

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Year 1

[table id=15 /]

Year 2

[table id=17 /]Details about Why 20,000 Population Launch Business Units for 50/50 Partnerships 

For a Launch Business Unit of
20,000 Population

This chart shows the difference in profit potential between becoming a Business Unit Operator, paying a small licensing fee and receiving 100 % of the profits or becoming a 50/50 Partner for FREE with funfreefreebies  and receiving 50 % of the profits from your joint Partnership Business Unit.
A Business Unit Operator in their first year, if they have 3 new customers a month, would generate $ 41,886.00 in Gross profits minus $ 2,148.00 in Licensing Fees, for a net profit of $ 39,738.00, a 50/50 Partner for the same Gross Profit of $ 41,886.00, their 50% share would be $ 20,943.00, a net difference of – $ 18,793.00
2. The difference
between becoming a Business Unit Operator and a 50/50 partner with Funfreefreebies is the monthly Licensing Fee, which is $ 179.00 a month, totalling $2,148.00 a year. Business Unit Operators pay this monthly licensing fee, and keep 100%  of the profits their Business Unit generates while 50/50 partners with funfreefreebies do NOT pay any licensing fee and receive 50% of the profits their Business Unit generates.
 In your first year as a Business Unit Operator, you pay $ 2,148.00 that year in licensing fees and  with 4  new customers, and merchants monthly, you will receive in Gross Profits $ 55,848.00 minus Licensing Fees, $ 2148.00 for a Net Profit of $ 53,700.00, the 50/50 partner with the same number of new customers, merchants will receive half of that  Net Profit in their Business Unit, their 50 % share would be, $ 26,850.00  a – difference of $ 26,850.00.
As the profits of a Business Unit increase from year to year, the Licensing Fee of $ 2,148.00 stays the same and the percentage of the 50% profit split between the Business Unit Operator  and funfreefreebies increases, in relation to the fixed expense of the Licensing Fee.

Both Opportunities can start anywhere between $500.00 to $1,000 a month Leading, at your choice to a combined profit stream in excess of 6 figures $100,000.00 plus yearly.

The Math is Simple

funfreefreebies will comprise of 34,000 Business Unit Operators, Bee Opps worldwide. There are 161,712 people living in Barrie, OntarioThat means: Population of Barrie Ontario 161,712

Subtract Bussiness Units 34,000


Extra people !!!!!!!! 127,712

Problem solved!!

funfreefreebis is a totally online, work from home opportunity, anyone in Barrie Ontario can become an Affiliate/Business Unit Operator and operate their own Business Unit, anywhere in the world.

As our mockup of Maple Ave below, in Barrie illustrates, anyone in Barrie can have a BU anywhere in the world and their neighbors on either side of them can also have their BU/ BU’s anywhere as well.

At funfreefreebies, we do not compete with each other, EVERYONE has their own BU and everyone can have as many as they want.

That’s why on Maple Street in Barrie Ontario, you and your neighbors can stretch across the globe, and each of you can have your own BU/BU’S.

Business Unit Operators & Business Unit Locations

The purpose behind this intro page is simple, we are local, based right here in Barrie Ontario, we are not an offshore company that never has a face to the name, or a person behind the business.

The purpose behind this intro page is simple, we are local, based right here in Barrie Ontario, we are not an offshore company that never has a face to the name, or a person behind the business.

SO………….. if it makes sense for you, and you want to see what we are about, and my claim about having an opportunity where, you, your group, team, organization, business, charity, can be part of my company and actually be able to have a passive yearly, hands off profit stream in 6 figures ( $ 100,000.00 or more yearly,) lets meet, have a coffee on me, and decide for yourself if what I have to offer makes sense for you/ your team.

Take a few moments to fill out the form below, and I will get back to you within 24 hours, set up a convenient time to meet, have a coffee and perhaps, you will be on your way to monetizing the traffic you already have, creating a passive, yearly profit stream of 6 figures.

Bryan Beckstead
CEO, Founder,
Head Grunter
March 3rd, 2023

YES, Send me an email and let’s set up a convenient time to meet in Barrie , Ontario for a coffee and a short, no commitment meeting. How do you take your coffee? Tims, Starbuck’s, McDee’s?

[wpforms id=”12327″] NOTE To the people who could be anywhere around the world, who have recieved an email, or reposting of an email that originated from Barrie Ontario Canada, our first Hub Support City/ Head Office location, our offer of a FREE Coffee and a meet and greet is not practical, hold on, we, funfreefreebies will be opening up a Support Hub City near you soon. All of our meetings, training sessions, support sessions will be taped and will be avaiable for viewing and listening to on our Blog. Stay tuned, look forward to reaching out to all 4 corners of the funfreefreebies world wide organization.