Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

Sponsorship Program, Build Your Business Unit, Reap the Benifits

Our program to build our Business Units is based on driving traffic to our dedicated websites, the more traffic we generate, the more successful we all will be.

Our sites are built to keep people coming back, the more money people save, the more times they will come back and more importantly, when our sites become the place to save money, more people will spread the work and the traffic increases. It’s a self-fulfilling matrix,  save more money, spread the word, more traffic, more people to spread the world, and it all works in our favor.
The people who visit our websites will be people who like to save money and they will also be people who may want to make money. 

In other words, they will be potential Business Unit Operators !!
This dimension has always been in the business model of funfreefreebies One of the ways we envisioned building and growing our organization has been that from the traffic that visits our sites, all over the world, that visitors would become future Business Unit Operators. Nothing creates new business people, that seeing the actual business opportunity in real life, working right in front of them.
Let’s take our first Hub Support City as an example,
As we increase our presence in Barrie, people will want to become part of the organization. Barrie will already be taken, and have an existing Business Unit Operator in place. These interested people will become Business Unit Operators in other areas, some close by, some could be thousands of miles away, one thing they will have in common, they will all be residents of Barrie Ontario.
Our position, funfreefreebies position is that, the Business Unit Operator  in Barrie should share in the success of the organization and should share in the Registrations that arise from their efforts in Barrie. The harder they work to build their Business Unit in Barrie, will increase their success, our success. This increased traffic should also result in people seeing the site, seeing the results that are happening and we expect that there will be an increase in Registrations from  residents in Barrie Ontario.
This increase in Registrations will result in secondary Registrations. Registrations from people that are associated with existing Business Unit Operators. Nothing is stronger than a recommendation from an existing Business Unit Operator. By increasing Business Unit Operators in Barrie, there are just that many more potential referral Sponsorships that become organic, without someone doing any representations  of the opportunity.
Existing Business Unit Operators Can  Now Make Additional Profit Streams 3 Ways
1. All Business Unit Operators always have their 50% profit share in their original Business Unit, that never goes down and can increase to 75 %.
2. Existing Business Unit Operators can increase their profit share, stream on their original Business Unit from 50 %  to 75 % by Sponsoring one new Business Unit, creating an additional profits stream of 25 %
3. For every new Business Unit an existing Business Unit Operator Sponsors, they can increase their profit stream 25 % for every new Business Unit. At this point, Sponsoring just one new Business Unit, an existing Business Unit has increased their profit stream 100 %, from  an initial profit stream of 50%  to one 50 % profit stream and two additional 25 % profit streams for an additional profit stream of 50% doubling their profit sharing.
4. From a sheer potential perspective, this profit stream potential dwarfs  any other opportunity funfreefreebies offers. In a Business Unit , using our first Hub Support City, Barrie Ontario as an example, with a population of 160,000 plus, it would not be unreasonable overtime for there to be 20, 50 to  100 or more new Business Unit Operators, all  being residents of Barrie Ontario.
The numbers speak for themselves. The Business Unit Operator/s for Barrie have the real possibility to share in  a 25% Profit stream by a factor of 20-50- upwards to a 100 new Business Unit Operators, there is no ceiling on this number.