Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)


All the new Business Unit operator has to do is when they fill out their Free registration form to join the organization, is to list you as their Sponsor. ( Just list your name in the Sponsorship line and that’s it)
The Sponsoring ( existing ) Business Unit Operator can fill out the Registration form, FREE listing themselves as the Sponsoring Business Unit, make sure all of the relevant info for the new Business Unit Operator is included as well as the additional background info that is optional. It’s important that the required info is properly filled in on the Registration form, it is from this form that profit sharing payments will be made.
The new Business Unit Operator receives their full 50% profit sharing and funfreefreebies shares half of their 50 % of the revenue from the new Business Unit , 25% with the existing Business Unit Operator, the Sponsor.
Existing Profit Sharing Programs

After You Have Sponsored Someone (FREE) into The funfreefreebies as a 50/50 Partner
When an existing Business Unit Operator sponsors someone into the funfreefreebies organization as a 50%/50% Partner, the new Operator receives their full 50% of the profits, funfreefreebies shares half 25% of their profits with the Sponsoring Business Unit Operator.

Good News

When an existing Business Unit Operator Sponsors a new Business Unit Operator to the organization, the Sponsoring (Existing) Business Unit Operator’s profit share increases from 50% to 75 %
Initial 50% / 50% Profit sharing between funfreefreebies and Business unit Operator

25% to funfreefreebies and 75% to Sponsoring Existing Business Unit Operator


For existing Business Unit Operators is a simple easy way to generate an additional monthly profit stream for little extra effort.
Let’s look at what that means, in dollars and sense, Sponsoring 5 new Business Unit Operators
You start with YOUR initial Business Unit

1-profit sharing with funfreefreebies

2-You Sponsor Your First New Business Unit

New Business Unit Operator 50% share
funfreefreebies 25% share
Sponsoring Business Unit Operator 25% share
(At this point your original Business Unit profit share increses to 75% from 50% and funfreefreebies drops to 25% from 50%)
New Profit Sharing, after Sponsoring 1 New Business Unit

Sponsoring 4 Additional New Business Units

2ND New Business Unit Operator

3RD New Business Unit Operator

4TH New Business Unit Operator

5TH New Business Unit Operator

Sponsoring new Business Unit Operators is a way to substantially increase your profit potential while still spending the same amount of time building your own Business Unit.

Let's Look at the Numbers

The Numbers Speak for Themselves Profits from Your one Business Unit Double Your Yearly Profits When You Sponsor Just One New Business Unit Operator
FROM $ 14,000.00 to $ 21,000.00…………. YEARLY !!
PLUS, Sponsor Just 5 New Business Unit Operators
5 Times $ 7,000.00
For an increased yearly passive profit of $ 35,000.00
YOUR Existing Business Unit Yearly profit of $ 21,000.00
Plus Profits, ( Totally Passive ) of Your 5 Sponsors $35,000.00
TOTAL Profits 1st Year $56,000.00 YOUR FIRST YEAR