Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

Successful Affiliates Maximize Exisiting Traffic

If you belong to a group, organization, team, Charity, Non Profit, any type of affiliation that needs money to survive, provide services, and continue to operate, you are leaving money on the table by not becoming an Affiliate.
Here’s How.
Let’s say you belong to a sports team, you have 20 players, they have a number of parents, partners, siblings, supporters, sponsors, that’s thousands and thousands of potential prospects that could Register to become Business Unit Opertots, providing a lot of potential 25 % Partnerships with Registrations.
How many Facebook Pages ?How many websites ?How many sponsors have businesses  with multiple platforms?How many Social Platforms throughout your organization? How much unsolicited correspondence between all of your organization ? You Tube, Tik Tok, Instagram etc etc, The ways to place your banners and links out ” there ” are endless
A month from today, all of this activity is taking place among your organization, players, team members, theyr circle of friends, sponsors, their  circle of influence, ALL of that interaction,  website traffic is going on, is being wasted, not utilized by yourself.
Being a successful Affiliate is all about getting the message out there, advertising the product you are an Affiliate for, in this case, the funfreefreebies Business Unit opportunity.
If you are already in the position and have access to sources, multiple sources of EXISTING traffic, does it not make sense to maximize that existing traffic ?
We could be having a different discussion of becoming a successful Affiliate hinged on you having to ESTABLISH sources of traffic to maximize, but that is not the discussion we are having.
The discussion we are having is taking advantage of EXISTING  traffic, an entirely different discussion.
Your EXISTING traffic, from all current sources available to you, is there for the taking, it’s sitting there and being wasted as passive, hands off, set it and forget it traffic, it seems a shame, not to start with what is already happening 24/7, right in front of you !!
First Step
Tap into what is happening around you now, organically. Utilize what is happening 24/7, while you sleep !!
Second Step
If it works, expand your base, start to look for more ways, utilizing your sphere of influence, nothing more .
Third Step
Preach to the converted. The people in your sphere of influence are already on your team. These people are already in your corner, they want to help, support, contribute, volunteer for you, let them take this easy, hands off, organic way to help you.
Take a way.
There is nothing that your team, organization, Charity, Non profit, group will ever do that will allow you to raise funds easier  than  becoming an Affiliate with funfreefreebies.
Look forward to working with you.