Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

I was told by the people who work for me, people who have been working on the funfreefreebies project and pretty well EVERONE else that people want to know about the person that is involved or thought up the business, concept on someone’s site, which in this case is me, Bryan Beckstead and

They pretty much told me that people want the unusual stuff about you, stuff that gives them a look into the person and what makes them tick.
I told them that I was not asking anyone to marry me, they were not impressed with my answer. 🙂
Okay, here goes !!
People seem to be amazed, maybe shocked, incredulous at the fact that I do not own a cell phone, and okay, I call them cell phones, they are smartphones, I just say that, drives my people crazy. they warn me, don’t call them cell phones Bryan, people haven’t called them cell phones for 20 years !!!
The joke is there are only two people in Ontario who don’t have a smartphone, the other guy died last week, so there is only me left !!
The question people ask is how do I survive without a smartphone, my answer is really well thank you !!!

My question is that question in reverse, how do YOU function with one ???
It’s a lifestyle option, not looking to be run by technology, I keep in touch with everyone and everything that I need to when I want to and when I have the time. I have not one, but TWO landlines a computer and yes, I have people on my team and THEY have at least one smartphone, some of them have a couple, so I am always near someone , if and when I need or feel the urge to be connected. I like to do that on my own terms.

Okay, I also have my original rolodex. You will probably have to Google that .
I think I can best be described as a bit old school, still don’t use the F word in mixed company, even though some women use that word frequently, if not pretty well in every sentence, that’s up to them, they won’t hear it from me 🙂
Which brings me to my next bit of info, my love of the outdoors and nature. I can best be described as a tree hugger and very proud of that.
When I can, I like to escape to my off the grid, way off the grid parcel of land up North in Central Ontario. Its 1200 plus acres, surrounded by thousands of acres of crown land, two lakes and I am proud to say, has NEVER had a motorized vehicle on the property or on either lake.
I like my peace and quiet 😉
Off grid means, no electricity, at least from the power grid, everything is solar and wood heat. . No motors, no engines so no dirt bikes, no ski doos, no snowmobiles, no ATV’s, no cars , trucks, no motors on the boats in the lakes, if it has an engine, or a motor it does not get past the gate.
I did say, I am a tree hugger right !!
I try to live with as small a footprint as I can.

funfreefreebies evolved from this personal lifestyle choice. Shop local, support local , everyone benefits.
Some quick notes, was told this has to be here, so again, I bowed to my peoples superior expertise in this area
I am on the board of directors for 3 charities that I have supported over the years, one is an animal shelter, a no kill facility that does great work and one that I personally get involved in
The other two are non profits, one is a local facility that provides emergency shelter and help to women who are in abusive relationships and need shelter and help as they transition to a healthier lifestyle. This non profit provides help and assistance to the women and in most cases their children.

Failure helps to form who we are. Back in the day, I tried out for two Canadian Olympic Teams and failed miserably. Even as a Marathon runner, 26.3 miles, I was way too slow !! Go figure. I did manage to become the first runner in Canada to run 100 miles, in under 24 hours, and did it 4 times. I learned some valuable lessons along the way that helped make me who I am today.

Dream Big, Work Small.

If you don’t dream big, you may never achieve any of your goals, but to achieve your dreams, you need to work on the details, start small, work towards the bigger aspects of your goals. I am hoping to bring this work ethic and goal setting headset to funfreefreebies

I am a confirmed foodie and am GREAT cook, I used to own 12 restaurants and as they say,
I ran the restaurants until I ran out of money !!!

One of my previous businesses was a plastic recycling company, I enjoyed that business, we kept thousands of tons of used plastic out of landfills and that was very satisfying.
I have been known that when I say at a restaurant the I don’t want a straw with my drink, I want to save the turtles that when they bring me a straw, I ask for the Manager, sometimes the people I am with, just cringe, but it starts small, if we all make an effort, it DOES make a difference.

Talking about turtles, I do stop for turtles. People in the country know what that means !!
Have been an animal lover and advocate all my life, I used to have 4 German Shepherds and then 4 cats and then a mixture. proud to say, all of them were rescues.

For fun I like to play a little poker. I like PLO, and I especially like to take Angelo’s money, the fun part is, you get to take his money and then you get a free floor show, a 30 minute show while he whines about that. I always get there in the end !! Fun times.

I am bit anal about being on time, which can be a bit frustrating for people these days. it seems that no one says, that they will see you at 1:00, it’s always I will see you AROUND 1:00 !1

I say, well if you can’t make 1:00 , how about 1:30, nope, they want to be able to call you up and say they are running late. As I said, I am a bit old school. What can I tell you 🙂

I have just been told by my team here that I have given you enough useless info about me, so I have been excused.

I hope it was not too boring and in my meager defense, they MADE me write this stuff !!

Bryan Beckstead
Head Grunter
December 18, 2022
Barrie, Ontario, Canada