Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

funfreefreebies is launching and we want to build the
World’s Largest, Online Community Based Promotional Network and we need help, lots of it !!

At the latest count we need 34,000 Business Unit Operators, people, local based, community driven people who would like to join us, as we bring the funfreefreebies brand, concept, to YOUR City, Town, Village,trading area.
When you look at the totality of our goal, it’s huge, sometimes overpowering, but when you break it down, it’s very simple, we just need YOU to step up and we can start.
The famous line, a journey of a 1,000 miles begins with the first step, the same could be said for funfreefreebies.
Each Business Unit will consist of only one Business Unit Operator and one dedicated website.

How we accomplish this goal. is to work with local people, everyday people, people who would like to make some extra money, to augment their current lifestyle.
Our growth opportunity, becoming a Business Unit Operator of your Business Unit makes sense for you if these advantages fit your lifestyle;

When someone Partners with funfreefreebies, you will be working with us to set up, establish and build your own dedicated Business Unit, there will only be one Business Unit per City, Town, trading area, no competition form any other Business Unit Operator.
As we build and grow, the good news is that you will be surrounded with other Business Unit Operators, who will have their own Business Unit, side by side with you, supporting you as you will support them, not not competing with them, that’s the good news.

Let us know what works for you and we can set you up in the size of Business Unit that suits your definition of success. That’s the really neat part of working with funfreefreebies.
Example, You want a small Business Unit that adds an extra $ 500.00 to $ 1,000.00 dollars of recurring monthly income to your family, monthly. We would work with you as a Business Unit that has a population of between 10,000 to 20,000 plus. This Business Unit is easily operational for someone that wants a smaller amount of profits and wants to keep their Business Unit smaller in size and easily manageable.

If you want to make a larger income, perhaps may want to at some point, turn full time, we would set you up and start working with you in a Business Unit of 40,000 to 80,000 population. A Business Unit that you can start part time, but has the potential and size to easily allow you to grow into a full time business, when you are ready.

funfreefreebies is looking for 34,000 Business Unit Operators. Actually that number is a bit less, we will find that the ability for one person to operate multiple Business Units is there, so depending on what you want to achieve, you may end up being the Business Unit Operator for multiple Business Units. Your call !!

We are looking for some motivated people who like what they read about us and would like to be part of our organization.

If this sounds like you, I hope to hear from you.

Bryan Beckstead
Head Grunter
December 19th, 2022
Barrie Ont Canada