Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

Welcome to funfreefreebies Sponsorship Program, Part One

Our Sponsorship Program is in place to help grow our organization and in the process, reward those people who help us expand. It’s simple to partake in and it offers everyone involved an opportunity to share in the expansion and profitability of the entire organization.

Some details
Who Can Participate ?
Any existing Business Unit Operator in funfreefreebies.  If you are an exciting Business Unit operator, you are eligible to participate. There are no fees to participate, it costs you nothing to start Sponsoring new Business Unit Operators into the organization.
How Do I Participate ?
Introduce the funfreefreebies opportunity to anyone you think may be interested in joining the organization. The easiest step to take is to show them our Business model, here at, the same website you heard about us on. It  can be as simple as that.
 Anyone that is referred to us by you, anyone that Registers here,, just fills in your name in the sponsorship section and that’s all that is required for you to share in the profits that funfreefreebies receives.
If you know that someone is interested in becoming part of the funfreefreebies organization as a business Unit Operator, you can walk them through the process of registering and ensure that the people you are Sponsoring, will be credited to your efforts.
How Do I Benefit From Sponsoring Someone Into the funfreefreebies  Organization?
When anyone registers For FREE Into the organization they will ALWAYS receive their full 50% of the revenue form their Business Units, whether they Register independently or are Sponsored by another Business Unit Operator in the organization.
The Sponsorship Program is fully funded by funfreefreebies. Each time an existing Business UNit Operator Sponsors a new Business Unit Operator into the organization, funfreefreebies, allocates half of their 50% profit share, 25 % to the sponsoring Business Unit Operator.
Example  Betty is sponsored into the organization she signs up for FREE and like everyone else, will receive 50% of the profits from her Business Unit. George introduced Betty to the organization and is her Sponsor. funfreefreebies will receive 50% of the profits from Bettys Business Unit, because George Sponsored Betty, funfreefreebies will now allocate 25 % of their share, to George.
Betty Receives 50% of the profits from her Business Unit
Funfreefreebies  now receives 25 %  of the profits from Betty’s Business Unit
George will now receive THE OTHER  25 % of funfreefreebies share of the profits
What’s The Purpose of the Sponsorship Program ?
Market share matters, especially on the Internet. Brand recognition also matters. The larger funfreefreebies gets, the more market share we have as an organization the better it is for all of us. The more Business Units we have, the larger our footprint is, we all prosper.
Our Sponsorship Program is just another way we can help grow funfreefreebies.
The best way to look at this program is this way, funfreefreebies is willing, happy to share 35% of its revenue share from EVERY Business Unit to the Business Units who help us grow the organization to the benefit of everyone in the organization.
Another way to look at it is this way. If a Business Unit generates $ 40,000.00 a year,
 $ 10,000.00 of that profit would have gone to someone who might have Sponsored that person into the organization.
Taken to the next level, take 10 business units, all generating $ 40,000.0 a year. that would have generated  $ 100,000.00 in profits to someone who had Sponsored those 10 Business Unit Operators into the organization.