Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

Welcome, To Our Affiliate Program

funfreefreebies has a powerful two punch when it comes to what we have to offer to people who are looking to improve their financial situation .

1. One is to become a Business Unit Operator, which is an active, hands-on opportunity, involving people who want to take control of their situation and drive the results they achieve.
2. The second is to become an Affiliate which is an entirely different opportunity that being a Business Unit Operator creates for people.
Let’s get to the details !!
First and foremost, becoming an Affiliate is free, takes just minutes to get signed up and you are basically in business, it’s that simple.
You are basically taking advantage of the existing traffic, visitors, people who you communicate with every day. Anytime you communicate, text, follow, reach pout to anyone, they are all potential people, places you can be in contact with. 

You place banners on all of your Social Platforms, web sites , any place that you can place banners, be creative, you have a lot of options available to you, get creative.
It’s a classic set it and forget opportunity, set up banners, links, and then let them do the work for you.
Someone visits your Facebook page, they see a banner that advertises the Business Unit Operator opportunity available with funfreefree, they click on the link in your banner, it takes them to the funfreefreebies website ,
That person Registers to be a Business Unit Operator with funfreefreebies.
When that Business Unit starts to generate revenue, you the Affiliate shares in that revenue, your commission as the Affiliate is 25% of revenue, that’s monthly, every month.
Once you have set up your banners, your work, your involvement as the Affiliate is done. We refer to this as making money as you sleep. Your banners work for you 24/7, the funfreefreebies sign up website is open 24/7 when the two of them are utilized, you and the Affiliate make money the same way, 24/7, while you sleep !
Simple, long term, being a successful Affiliate has a tremendous advantage over being a business Unit Operator,  tremendous advantage.
Simple fact, a Business Unit Operor is limited by the time they want to spend and invest in their Business Unit. Yes, a single person, group does have the ability to develop multiple Business Units, there will be a limit at some point. That limit will be based on individual goals, the size of organizations, but there will be a limit.
On the other hand, because an Affiliate does not have to spend any time past the stage of putting up banners and links, an Affiliate does have unlimited long term revenue potential.
Whereas a single person, group, will max out at some point, 5,10 maybe a little more, but there is a max. On the other hand a single Affiliate could potentially and easily Register Business Units in the high 2 digits easily into 3 digits and why not??
An Affiliate is only limited by the number of banners and links, creating click throughs to the funfreefreebies page and past that, there is no limit.
To put this into some sort of perspective, funfreefreebies is in effect, our largest Affiliate.
Our goal, funfreefreebies is to expand and build our organization world wide, creating 34,000 Business Units.
Any Affiliate, regardless of who they are, where they are located, everyone has the ability and opportunity to be part of our growth.
Most importantly, YOU have the opportunity to be the largest, most successful Affiliate. What that singular number may be, is up for speculation and time will determine that number. I personally look forward to working with people who become Affiliates and celebrating individual success stories, I am expecting Affiliates  to garner Registrations in the 3 digits, and more.
Why not ??  funfreefreebies will be generating Registrations reaching 34,000 and more, why not you garnering your share of that number?
We , funfreefreebies will do so in the same manner as all other Affiliates, driving people to our sale site, have people Register and set them up as Business Unit Operators, just like ” regular ” Affiliates people such as yourself.
This means, we all have a tremendous opportunity to reach our own personal financiaL goals, whatever they may be.
Welcome aboard, if you have decided to be an Affiliate of funfreefreebies. I personally look forward to supporting and working with you, helping you achieve the financial goals you have set for yourself.
This means providing the best possible sales tools for you to use, banners, links, articles, point of purchase materials, anything I can do to help you become successful.
The best sales tool I can provide you with, is a successful world wide organization of Business Unit Operators. Nothing speeds individual success than being partnered with a successful organization.
Welcome aboard !
Bryan Beckstead
Head Grunter
CEO and Founder