Triple F (Fun Free Freebies)

I think we have all seen these ads pretty well everywhere, especially on the Internet.
One of the most hotly sought after page one rankings on Google is ” work from home ”
Get on the first page of Google for those 3 words is money in the bank, lottery type winnings money. !!
How does funfreefreebies compete with the thousands and thousands of companies and people out there promising the same dream, you get to work from home, at your kitchen table and make money, part time money and even more, maybe lots more.

How does funfreefreebies compete?
Simple, two ways
1. We tell the truth.
2. Have a clear path to success.

First, the TRUTH
1. funfreefreebies is a business that is entirely online, every aspect of the business is run on line, from either, a smartphone, or laptop or computer, entirely. Business Unit Operators, you, never meet, have to see or ever have to talk to either the people who come to your site or the local businesses that eventually become your merchants.
You NEVER have to leave your home, for any reason to operate your business.
Based on the fact that your business is run entirely online and you never have to leave your home for any reason to operate your Business Unit, this opportunity, business opportunity is clearly the definition of work from home.

2. Part time are magical words ! Everyone wants to have flexibility and wants to be able to set their own hours and when the two of those realities collide, it’s what people want most. Becoming a Business Unit Operator with funfreefreebies enables you to truly set your own hours, keep your current lifestyle but improve and enrich it with some additional revenue.
The true advantage of being a BeeOp, ( Business unit Operator ) with funfreefreebies is not that your hours are yours to determine, but it’s the type of hours you will be investing. Filling in segments of time throughout the day will be the norm, not the exception. Have 20 minutes to spare , lots to do to move your business forward.

4. THIS NOT A GET RICH SCHEME ! I thought I would mention this fact again, it can never be stated too often. The word ”Work” in the description, work from home, can not be overstated. If you sit on your butt, at your kitchen table and do nothing, then forget about making any money, that is not going to happen, ever .
Someone has to actually follow the program, do the ”work” and then you will have results starting at $ 500.00 a month, upwards to $ 1,000.00 a month and then yes, there is a real possibility AFTER that goal has been reached, some substantial revenue is more than possible.


This is crucial to actually being successful. Any one and many do, can say, you can make a million dollars following our program, anyone can promise big houses, fast cars, vacations, the problem comes with the reality of HOW is this all going to happen, where does ALl this easy money come from?


The difference between what funfreefreebies has available and what else is out there on the Internet, is our clear, definable, easy to follow, path to success.

What’s a path to success?